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Wildflowers and more
From some recent Wildflower Excursions to Hill Country  Inquire if you see something you like
From a recent trip to Corpus Christi - birds and more
What if Dr. Seuss could dream up a desert?
Joshua Tree, one of the most interesting places I've ever photographed...I was there right after sunrise, YET BEFORE      Check out this brief slideshow
Lighthouse Lovers!
Have you seen the Lake Michigan Lighthouse additions?     Check out this brief slideshow
Fall in New England
or, "A Texan Goes to New England"     Check out this series of brief slideshows 
If you watch only one, I recommend the last one, IMHO
Check out this series of brief slideshows    Denver    Colorado Gold (mining towns)   Tweaks
If you watch only one, I recommend the last one, Tweaks

Fine Photography by Jon Holiday, Fort Worth, Texas

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