2005 OAKE National Choir - Samples Page

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The purpose of showing these photos is to give you an idea of overall appearance and presentation.  You will not be able to distinguish individual faces on the FORMAL photo because of internet resolution.  YOUR FINAL product will be of hi-quality produced directly from the original hi-res file.  The Casual shot allows you to actually see the faces much better.  The Formal will not.  One would want that because of the overall feel it has. Children's Formal - 11x14
Children's Casual - 11x14
Youth Formal - 11x14
Youth Casual - 11x14
Concert Formal - 8x10
Concert Casual - 8x10
Concert Silly (and yes, it is) - 8x10


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A brief glimpse at some of the more "lively" moments... students will likely see themselves!

These clips are for Windows Media Player - please be patient while the video buffers and begins to play.  This will be quick or not depending on your connection speed. Clips are from 2 - 4 minutes long.

Children's Choir  dial-up broadband
Youth Choir dial-up broadband
Concert Choir dial-up broadband


Audio Samples      order page

Here are just a few.  Each audio sample is between :30 and about :50 seconds.  Each sample is in hi-quality MP3 format.  They should start playing automatically after downloading. If not, click here for downloading instructions.


Children's Choir Arroz con leche from 3 Dominican Folk Songs
On the Galilee
Small Voices
Lady Green Leaves
Youth Choir Salmo 150
Oh, Had I Jubal's Lyre
I've Been 'Buked, Children
Walk in Jerusalem
Concert Choir Sing Me to Heaven
Battle of Jericho
Zadilinki iindonga Jericho
I Need You to Survive

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