2012 Pat Riddle School of Dance Recital Photos

In a moment, you will go to the gallery and select anything you wish. 
But you may want to be reminded of "how it works."

  • On photo day (or on-line) you paid PART ONE...to get your photo taken.
  • Now comes PART TWO, where you make your selections, and pay a bit more plus shipping.
  • Notice that Basic Packages are ALREADY discounted $10...you get that discount on EVERY Basic Package you order.  That's because you already paid for PART ONE when you had them taken.
  • Print Packages start at a discounted price of ONLY $6. 

The prices you see will remain in effect thru July 22nd - they will go up on July 23.  The package prices then will be about $3-4 higher.

If you haven't already purchased, you can still get your Recital DVD. To order, that will be a separate transaction, simply click here

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, please email me FIRST, jon at imageonemedia.com and I'll help you.  Or call, 817-929-1788

Now go to the gallery and have fun!!  Don't forget to send links to friends and family, and invite them to see your darlings!
Click here....  imageone.exposuremanager.com/g/patriddle

NOTE ABOUT PAYMENT: The system is set-up to acceot, Mastercard, Visa, and AMEX.  IF YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST write a check, then email me at jon at imageonemedia.com

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