The Company version DVD will contain the following numbers PLUS Awards
Number and Title   Class Subject Instructor
1.   A Tale From India   Competition Team Prod. CG/LN
4.   Beethoven   W.Hester Open Kelly
7.   The School Day   Junior Hip Hop Hip Hop Ryan
10.  I Like To Fuss   H. Hartsfield Jazz Kelly
13.  Fitting In   Senior Company Lyrical Kelly
17.  Holla   A. Koeneke Hip Hop Ryan
21.  Jump   Seymour/Ferry/Thompson Tap Lindsay
24.  Cobrastyle   Senior Company Jazz Lindsay
25.  Spanish Rose   W 5:30 Ballet Angie
27.  Switch It Up   TR 6:00 Hip Hop Ryan
28.  Firefly   R. Boggio Lyrical Kelly
31.  Swagga   T. McManus Hip Hop Ryan
34.  The Heist   Senior Company Tap Kelly
37.  Land Of 1000 Dances   Petite Company Jazz Kelly
38.  Splish Splash   TR 7:00 Pointe Candice
40.  M.I.A.   T. Seymour Hip Hop Ryan
43.  Tell Me Something   G. Tilley Jazz Lindsay
46.  Be Wild   Petite Company Tap Kelly
47.  Rhapsody   W 8:00 Ballet Candice
49.  Yeah!   T 6:30 Hip Hop Evan
51.  Vacation Time       Kelly
52.  Devil Went Down To Georgia   Junior Company Tap Kelly
54.  Time Freeze   Mini Hip Hop Hip Hop Evan
58.  Blue Orchid   Seymour/Boggio Jazz Lindsay
61.  Back To School   Junior Company Jazz Kelly
63.  Sweet Child   W 5:30 Ballet Candice
66.  I Want To Dance!   W. Jordan Jazz Lindsay
70.  Hero   TR 8:00 Hip Hop Ryan
73.  Esmerelda   W. Hester Pointe Candice
76.  Disturbia   S. Moon Hip Hop Ryan
77.  Waters   W 6:30 Ballet Candice
79.  In My Arms   Mini Company Lyrical Candice
80.  See The Music   Senior Hip Hop Hip Hop Ryan
83.  The Flood   Junior Company Lyrical Candice
87.  Idlewild Blues   J. Janicki Tap Kelly
90.  Give It Up   Mini Company Tap Lindsay
94.  Lullaby   A. Pajarillo Lyrical Candice
97.  Not What You'd Expect   G. Tilley Hip Hop Ryan
99.  You Better Work   Mini Company Jazz Kelly