2009 Pat Riddle School of Dance Recital Photos           

Welcome to PART 2 of the photo order process.  This is the part where you make your selections and actually buy the photos.  The prices start at $7 for a sheet of prints.  THIS PRICE ALREADY ACCOUNTS FOR THE $12 DEPOSIT YOU PAID on or before photo day.    Again, the prices start at ONLY $7 for a sheet of prints.  All the possible choices show up with each photo you select and view.   The gallery link is in the red box below.

These prices will remain in effect thru July 5th - they will go up on July 6th.  The minimum prices then will be $10.

INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS - are generally classified in galleries by predominant color.  This is of course somewhat subjective, so if you don't find what you're looking for at first, try another color in the outfit.  It won't be that hard.  To make any thumbnail size image larger, just click on it.

You are about to view your photos and make selections.  This process is being done through a third party, Exposure Manager.  That company will actually handle the order process, print your photos, and mail them to you.  The advantages to doing it this way is primarily speed - you'll receive your photos within just a FEW DAYS OF PLACING YOUR ORDER!!  Another advantage is that they have a multitude of products like key tags, luggage tags, mugs, tote bags, and much more!  The option to purchase hi-resolution digital files is also there and you can simply download it (them) after payment per the instructions you will receive.

The system is set-up to accept Mastercard, Visa, and AMEX.  IF YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST write a check, then find this highlighted statement below.

IF you're NOT FAMILIAR with using the internet and ordering over the internet, then you should probably read the rest of this page...

IF you ARE familiar with using the internet and ordering over the internet, then you may wish to go ahead to the photo gallery... If you have any trouble, then you may want to come back to this page and read the instructions below this part of the page.

Now go to the gallery and have fun!!  Don't forget to send links to friends and family, and invite them to see your darlings!

Here are three big tips to remember when you're in the gallery...

  • Always look for links in order to move to another page - RESIST using the browser's back button - most shopping carts on the internet don't like that.  You will see links like "continue shopping", "previous", "next", "add products" and more.  Just remember to look carefully on the page for links that will move you where you want to go -- before you hit that BACK BUTTON!!!!

  • The gallery utilizes a "Favorites" Feature.  You can add any photos to "Your Favorites" for easy access later.  Just find the "add" button underneath any photo.

  • The shopping cart allows you to add products or take products out BEFORE final check out.  You can adjust quantities up and down, delete items, and you can even add totally different products in the shopping cart.  So don't worry too much about exact quantities when making selections, you'll be able to adjust EVERYTHING in the shopping cart.

Now, here is the exact process...

  1. Photos are arranged thusly...

    • INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS are arranged in "sub-galleries" generally by  predominant costume color . Each gallery is of such size that it won't take you long at all to find your photos. 

  2. When you find a photo THUMBNAIL (small photo), click on the photo and it will be much larger.  At that moment, the choices of products will be showing.   (Note that the system actually suggests a slightly different method near the top of the page, but our suggested method is quicker and easier)

  3. Before you make your selection, use the NEXT and PREVIOUS links (just above the photo) to see the other shots of your child.  You can toggle back and forth to decide which ones to purchase, and then make your selections.

  4. The selection is made simply by "ticking" a check box.  That item will automatically be added to the shopping cart - you don't have to go there yet until you have finished choosing all your items from all photos.  Remember, you can fix all quantities in the shopping cart later.

  5. After you have found all photos and made all selections, click on either "View shopping cart" or "Go to check out".

  6. In the cart, you can adjust quantities up or down - a qty of 0 will delete that item.  On any particular photo, you can even add products that you didn't already choose - look for the "add products" link.   If you want to add more PHOTOS, use the "Continue shopping" link.

  7. Then, you'll finish the process by clicking "Enter billing & shipping info" and follow the prompts

PAYMENT:  PLEASE NOTE that Exposure Manager is set-up to accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express - credit or debit cards.  The payment process is by a 128-bit encrypted security - this is the safest method available, and is safer than using your card in person at a restaurant or store!  IF YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST write a check, then you'll need to use a different form and order through us.  This process will take longer as we will wait on your check, deposit it and wait for clearing before the order is completed and mailed.  You will simply use the gallery to view the photos, make a note of the numbers and go to this link to place your order.  

Any other problems or questions or problems, just email us - jon at imageonemedia.com

Now go to the gallery and have fun!!  imageone.exposuremanager.com/g/patriddle

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